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  • Due to the limited supply and great demand for many of the gems listed here, sales are made on a first-come-first-served basis, and price is subject to change !

  • If we happen to be out of a rough gemstone you are interested in, just let us know your needs . We will keep you in mind and alert our miners.

  • If you are looking for a special cut Gem and don't see one listed, let us know your needs and we will give you a quote.  We have a wide variety of superb gem cutting material in all the colors of the rainbow at a price and quality you will not find at the jewelry counter of your local dept. store.  This is your chance to obtain a custom faceted -natural- gem to create a very special piece of jewelry.

  • We try hard to represent our gems accurately and strive to make the photos as realistic as possible.  From our tests on a few systems we come pretty close to the real thing. But please note that due to differences in computer systems, display technology, and especially Web browsers, there will be differences.  Remember, you are protected by our return policy above if "cyber-space" and real -life don't seem to match.

  • We go to great lengths to correctly identify the rough including sending samples to a third party GIA staffed lab, but 100% surety is not guaranteed.  (Modified material can not be returned.)

  • We are not responsible for typos in the site although we of course strive for perfection.

  • Any predicted cut value of rough is a guideline only and not  "guaranteed".

  • Weights and measures are taken carefully with precision equipment but should be seen to be as  "Approximate".

  • All email sales will abide by the information posted on this site.