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08/19/08: Mineral Specimen Sale page launched
12/27/07: Indicolite, Chrome TOurmaline, Sapphires, Tsilaisites, Moonstone, Yellow Opal, Actinolite, Citrine, Sunstone, Rhodolite, special exclamation Kyanite, Topaz, Peridot...
03/13/05: Lapis, Peridot, Topaz, Sapphire, bi-color tourmalines, Mali garnets
02/18/05: Huge Emerald crystals, Indicolite, Peridot, Aqua, Amethyst
12/04/04: Garnets, Zircon, Kyanite, Select pink Tourmaline, Kunzite
10/08/2004: Select Malaya garnets listed
09/17/2004: Select Rhodolites and Nigerian material
08/13/2004: Amethyst, Tanz., Emerald, and more...
06/11/2004: Spinels and bi-color Tourmaline
04/30/2004: Tremolite listed
03/05/2004: Facet Gem Mix and Party Color Tourmaline parcels
02/13/2004: Fire opals, Tsavorite, Orthoclase, Rhodolite
1/23/2004: Pink Tourmalines and a Select large Spinel
1/16/2004: Spessartites and Large Yellow Beryl
1/09/2004: Moonstone, spessartites, sapphires, amethyst
12/05/2003: Christmas bi-color tourmalines
11/21/2003: Pink tourmaline sale, teal Kyanite, Nigerian emerald
11/07/2003: Sunstones, Amethyst, Citrine, Topaz, Scapolite... parcels...
10/10/2003: Collector's large Kyanite listed
09/26/03: Special RED SPINEL list
08/11/03: New color change chrome Kyanite listed
07/11/03: Large list of CC Garnets, tourmalines, scapolite
06/20/03: Large list of select Pink Tourmaline
06/06/03: Rhodolite, Mali, Spinel, Tourmaline, Malaya, facet Hessonite
05/23/03: Last of the Maza tourmalines listed
05/16/03: Maza tourmalines listed
05/09/03: Computer back up / Facet Emerald parcels listed!
03/28/03: Color Change Sapphires listed
03/07/03: Zircon rough, neon apatite,  faceted goshenite, more
02/07/03: Hot-pink color-shift garnet and  Nigiria Mine sale
01/31/03: New rough listed Tsilaisite/Sapphire/ Kyanite/Mix
01/24/03: Website re-organization going on!
11/08/02: Another mixed list of  Golden Scapolites, CC garnet, teal tourmaline, Emerald, sapphire, Zircon...
10/18/02: Great new SPecials list - Ruby, Aqua, Demantoid, Sunstone, Purple Scapolite, Spessartite, Chrysoberyl
10/04/02: Updated Specials list with Aqua, Garnet, Tourmaline...
09/15/02: New page of select Rubelite tourmaline and updated specials list
08/09/02: Updated specials list  - sale sapphire, tourmaline, emerald, fluorite
08/03/02: Large list of Songea and Tunduru Sapphires
07/20/02: Big list of all the new select Spinels
07/12/02: Updated special list - Spinel, Aqua, Fluorite
06/21/02: Updated specials list - Spessartite, Zircon, Tourmaline
05/03/02: Updated specials list  - tourmaline, emerald, fluorite
04/22/02: New list of select Tsavorite garnets
04/19/02: Updated Specials list - tourmaline, sapphire
04/12/02: New Chrysoberyl page w/ ALEXANDRITE
03/22/02: New list of Tanzanite rough
03/08/02: Updated specials list - diamonds, iolite, rhodolite, Aqua, chome tourmaline, dravite
03/01/02: Updated Specials list with Mozambique Rubellite
03/01/02: New Specials list (emerald, spinel, garnet, tourmaline...)
02/15/02: New page for Chrome Tourmalines
02/03/02: Great parcel of very large clean Aqua / Mozambique
01/25/02: New list of yellow and color change sapphires listed
01/18/02: Updated Specials page and updated Zircon page with new Plum Zircons.
01/15/02: Mali page updated / New selections added
01/04/02: Fresh list of Peridot updated on peridot page
12/01/01: Updated Special List for Dec. (Chrysoberyl & Garnet)
10/11/01: IGS members/dealers special parcel list
08/18/01: Listed some Large Songea/Katai Rubies / 2000 prod.
08/17/01: Great parcel of very large clean Aqua / Mozambique
06/23/01: Listed parcel of rare Actinolite/Tremolire rough
06/20/01: New selection of fine blue Chalcedony / all top material!
05/21/01: Fine Blue Chalcedony cabbing rough
05/20/01: Select Nigerian and Mozambique tourmaline listed
04/29/01: A few new good color Aquas listed
04/22/01: Parcels of untreated Tanzanites listed
03/14/01: Added new parcels of Orange Hessonite
02/28/01: Updated Ruby rough pages
01/29/01: New list of sapphires